AFC Classes Overview

Class Name Description Features Status
ArrayMaster This class handles arrays of undefined size. You can also approach the array elements like they were inside a list.
  • Custom Sorting
Dictionary This class handles dictionaries, something like Python dictionaries, if you know how they are. Mainly, it is an Hash Table that binds a special string (key) to any kind of data you want. Very useful if you want to implement, ie., associative arrays.   Stable
DirMaster This class scans a directory and gathers all info about the files contained in it. It is able to tell if a symlink is pointing to a directory or a file.
It has been build on NodeMaster class.
You can know everything about a dir entry looking inside the Dir Master's FileInfo structure.
DynamicClass This class is used to create dynamic contents inside your apps. By providing a standard API set, you are able to create plugins for your programs in minutes!   Stable
DynamicClassMaster This is the handler of DynamicClasses in your programs. It is responsible of loading and instantiating new instances of DynamicClasses, as well as freeing unfreed resources on exit.   Stable
FSTree This is a Tree class that bases its paradigm with the standard FileSystem.
You can handle the tree and browse it like you were working on a directory on your local file system. There are calls to "change current directory", "make a new dir" and so on.
HashMaster This class handles hash tables. It should be considered as a building block (foundation block) for more specialized hash tables handlers. Please, see the Dictionary class for an example of Hash Master specialization.
  • Dicothomic Search algo
NodeMaster This class handles lists. You can do whatever you want with list elements (items).
This class should be considered a foundation block for more specialized class.
  • Three different sorting algos
  • Internal Stack of 8 levels
ReadArgs This class parses string using special patterns (templates). Very useful for structrued text parsing or command line-like argument parsing.   Stable
RegExp This class exploits the Regular Expressions power to the developer.
  • sed like replace function
  • Standard and Extended RegExp support
StringNode This class is a specialized version of Node Master built to create lists of strings.   stable
String This is not a class, but a suite of functions for better string handling in C. Features an hash creator, pattern matcher and standard advanced string functions like StrUpper, StrLower and so on.   Stable