Advanced Foundation Classes Web Site
You are wellcome to Advanced Foundation Classes (AFC) Web Site.
AFC were born in 1995 as a project mainly developed on the Amiga(®) computers family as an helping tool for developers giving them a robust and coherent set of classes to speed up developement.
Now, AFC are being ported to Linux and released under the standard GPL licence, with the aim of easying the port of Amiga programs based upon AFC and give to the Linux user a powerful set of classes.

2004-02-23 The new AFC 2.0.0 code name: "A New Hope" released!
This is the first 2.0.0 release. Many changes involved. Please download the source code for more info.
PLEASE NOTE: at the moment, documentation on this site is OUTDATED
2002-01-31 The new AFC 0.4.1 code name: "Dynamic" released!
New AFC 0.4.1 released. This is a stable release
Code name: Dynamic
Main features are the introduction of two new classes DynamicClass and DynamicClassMaster that will allow anyone to implement plugins functionality in their app with ease.
2001-12-28 The new AFC 0.4.0 code name: "Raptor++" released!
New AFC 0.4.0 released. This is a stable release
Code name: Raptor++
2001-10-01 The new AFC 0.2.0 code name: "Welcome Kronos" released!
New AFC 0.2.0 released. This is the first stable release!
Code name: Welcome Kronos!
2001-03-13 The new AFC 0.0.3 released
New AFC 0.0.3 released. Added new classes ( ArrayMaster, HashMaster and Dictionary ) and a lot of new features. Please, refer to NEWS file in the archive for more info.
2001-01-20 The new AFC site has been opened to public!
Great news! The AFC site containing Linux classes has just been opened to the public! This is only the first step to the the AFC developement taking place right now. Stay tuned!