Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Welcome to AFC
AFC Features
How to use AFCs
#include <afc/afc.h>
2. AFC Tagging System
The TAG system
3. AFCBase
Utility Functions
afc_clear -- Clears all stored data
afc_debug -- Writes a debug message to the standard error
afc_debug_adv -- Writes a debug message to the standard error
afc_delete -- Disposes a valid afc instance.
afc_free -- Allocates memory
afc_log -- Writes a log message to the standard error
afc_log_fast -- Writes a log message to the standard error
afc_malloc -- Allocates memory
afc_new -- Initializes a new afc instance.
afc_set_tag -- Set a tag
afc_set_tags -- Sets valid tags
4. AFC String
afc_string_add -- Add a string to the current one
afc_string_clear -- Empty the contents of a string
afc_string_comp -- Compares two strings
afc_string_copy -- Copy a string inside an AFC string_new
afc_string_delete -- Remove the string from memory
afc_string_dup -- Creates a new string with the same contents of the given one
afc_string_fget -- Get a line of text from a file
afc_string_hash -- Creates an hash value for the string
afc_string_instr -- Search for a matching string inside a string
afc_string_left -- Copies the leftmost len chars from src to string
afc_string_len -- Returns the actual string length
afc_string_lower -- Converts a string in lower case chars
afc_string_make -- Copies data into string using the given fmt and args
afc_string_max -- Returns the maximum size of the given string
afc_string_mid -- Copies a part of source string in dest string
afc_string_new -- Allocates a string numchars long
afc_string_pattern_match -- Use pattern matching against this string
afc_string_radix -- Rappresents a number using the given base
afc_string_reset_len -- Resets internal string len
afc_string_right -- Copies the leftmost len chars from src to string
afc_string_temp -- Creates a temporary file name
afc_string_trim -- Removes all blank chars from string
afc_string_upper -- Converts a string in upper case chars
5. ArrayMaster
afc_array_master_add -- Adds a new element to the array
afc_array_master_clear -- Clears all stored data
afc_array_master_current_pos -- Returns the current ordinal position
afc_array_master_del -- Deletes the current element from the array
afc_array_master_delete -- Disposes a valid array_master instance.
afc_array_master_first -- Returns the first element in the array
afc_array_master_init -- Inits the Array size
afc_array_master_is_empty -- Checks if the array is empty
afc_array_master_is_first -- Checks if you are on the first element
afc_array_master_is_last -- Checks if you are on the last element
afc_array_master_item -- Returns the desired element in the Array
afc_array_master_last -- Returns the last element in the array
afc_array_master_new -- Initializes a new afc_array_master instance.
afc_array_master_num_items -- Returns the number of items in list
afc_array_master_obj -- Returns the current element in the array
afc_array_master_prev -- Returns the previous element in the array
afc_array_master_sort -- Sorts the elements in the array
afc_array_master_succ -- Returns the next element in the array
6. CGIManager
afc_cgi_manager_clear -- Clears all stored data
afc_cgi_manager_debug_dump -- Dumps all data for debug
afc_cgi_manager_delete -- Disposes a valid cgi_manager instance.
afc_cgi_manager_get_cookie -- Retrieve a cookie value
afc_cgi_manager_get_data -- Gets data from the previous Form
afc_cgi_manager_get_val -- Gets a specific form field data
afc_cgi_manager_new -- Initializes a new afc_cgi_manager instance.
afc_cgi_manager_set_content_type -- Set the returning content type
afc_cgi_manager_set_cookie -- Set a new cookie
afc_cgi_manager_set_cookie_domain -- Set the cookies domain
afc_cgi_manager_set_cookie_expire -- Set the cookies path
afc_cgi_manager_set_cookie_path -- Set the cookies path
afc_cgi_manager_set_tag -- Set a tag
afc_cgi_manager_write_header -- Writes a valid HTTP header with all cookies set
7. Dictionary
afc_dictionary_clear -- Clears all stored data
afc_dictionary_del -- Deletes the current element
afc_dictionary_delete -- Disposes a valid dictionary instance.
afc_dictionary_del_item -- Deletes the item provieded
afc_dictionary_first -- Returns the first element in the Dictionary
afc_dictionary_get -- Retrieves the data of a specified key
afc_dictionary_get_key -- Returns the current key name
afc_dictionary_has_key -- Looks for a specified key in the Dictionary
afc_dictionary_new -- Initializes a new afc_dictionary instance.
afc_dictionary_obj -- Returns the current Dictionary item value
afc_dictionary_prev -- Returns the previous element in the Dictionary
afc_dictionary_set -- Sets a key in the dictionary
afc_dictionary_succ -- Returns the next element in the Dictionary
8. DirMaster
afc_dirmaster_add_item -- Adds a new item to the DirMaster
afc_dirmaster_clear -- Completely clears this DirMaster
afc_dirmaster_del -- Deletes the current item from the list.
afc_dirmaster_delete -- Frees a DirMaster object
afc_dirmaster_first -- Gets the first element in the list
afc_dirmaster_get_parent -- Returns the parent of current dir
afc_dirmaster_is_empty -- Checks if the DirMaster is empty
afc_dirmaster_item -- Return the nth element
afc_dirmaster_last -- Get the last element in the list
afc_dirmaster_new -- Initializes a new ArrayMaster object.
afc_dirmaster_num_items -- Return the number of items in list
afc_dirmaster_obj -- Returns the FileInfo structure of the current item
afc_dirmaster_prev -- Gets the previous element in the list
afc_dirmaster_scan_dir -- Reads a dir inside the DirMaster
afc_dirmaster_search -- Searches for a file name in the current DirMaster list
afc_dirmaster_set_tag -- Set a tag
afc_dirmaster_set_tags -- Sets a list of tags
afc_dirmaster_sort -- Sorts the DirMaster list
afc_dirmaster_succ -- Gets the next element in the list
9. DynamicClass
afc_dynamic_class_add_method -- Adds a new method to the class
afc_dynamic_class_clear -- Clears all stored data
afc_dynamic_class_delete -- Disposes a valid DynamicClass instance.
afc_dynamic_class_execute -- Executes a public method in DynamicClass
afc_dynamic_class_find_method -- Finds a public method inside a DynamicClass
afc_dynamic_class_new -- Initializes a new DynamicClass instance.
10. DynamicClassMaster
afc_dynamic_class_master_add -- Adds a new Dynamic Class in memory
afc_dynamic_class_master_clear -- Clears all stored data
afc_dynamic_class_master_delete -- Disposes a valid DynamicClassMaster instance.
afc_dynamic_class_master_delete_instance -- Deletes a DynamicClass instance from memory
afc_dynamic_class_master_get_info -- Gets various info about a Class in memory
afc_dynamic_class_master_load -- Loads a new class in memory
afc_dynamic_class_master_new -- Initializes a new DynamicClassMaster instance.
afc_dynamic_class_master_new_instance -- Creates a new instance of a DynamicClass in memory
11. FileOperations
afc_fileops_chmod -- Change the file permissions
afc_fileops_chown -- Change the file permissions
afc_fileops_copy -- Copy a file/dir
afc_fileops_del -- Delete a file/dir
afc_fileops_delete -- Dispose a FileOperations object
afc_fileops_exists -- Check whether a file/dir exists in file system
afc_fileops_exists_full -- Check whether a file/dir exists in file system
afc_fileops_link -- Create a symbolic link to a file/dir
afc_fileops_mkdir -- Create a new dir
afc_fileops_move -- Move a file/dir
afc_fileops_new -- Initializes a new FileOperations object.
afc_fileops_set_tag -- Sets a tag
afc_fileops_set_tags -- Sets a group of tags
afc_fileops_utime -- Change the file times
12. FSTree
afc_fstree_add -- Adds a "file" to the FST
afc_fstree_cd -- Changes "current directory" in FST
afc_fstree_clear -- Clears all stored data
afc_fstree_find -- Searches for a specific file/dir in the FST
afc_fstree_internal_add -- Adds a new node to the FST
afc_fstree_internal_find -- Scans the "FST" File System for a specific node
afc_fstree_internal_find_item -- Scans an ArrayMaster for a specific item
afc_fstree_internal_recursive_dump -- Dumps current FSTree status to stdout
afc_fstree_internal_recursive_find -- Scans the "FST" File System for a specific node
afc_fstree_internal_split_name -- Splits a name in dir and name parts
afc_fstree_mkdir -- Creates a new "directory" in FST
afc_fstree_new -- Initializes a new FSTree instance.
afc_fstree_recursive_mkdir -- Creates a new "directory" in FST
13. HashMaster
afc_hash_master_add -- Add a new data to the hash table
afc_hash_master_clear -- Clears all stored data
afc_hash_master_del -- Deletes the current element
afc_hash_master_delete -- Disposes a valid hash_master instance.
afc_hash_master_find -- Returns the data associated to the given hash_value
afc_hash_master_item -- Returns the item-th element
afc_hash_master_new -- Initializes a new afc_hash_master instance.
14. NodeMaster
afc_nodemaster_add -- Add an item to the list
afc_nodemaster_addr -- Returns the list address
afc_nodemaster_change -- Changes the data in the current item
afc_nodemaster_change_numerical_pos -- Changes the current ordinal item position
afc_nodemaster_changepos -- Changes the current node position to another
afc_nodemaster_clear -- Clears all NodeMaster list elements
afc_nodemaster_clear_stack -- Clears the stack
afc_nodemaster_clone -- Clones a NodeMaster list
afc_nodemaster_create_array -- Creates an array rappresentation of the list
afc_nodemaster_del -- Deletes the current item from list
afc_nodemaster_delete -- Dispose a NodeMaster object
afc_nodemaster_first -- Move to the first element
afc_nodemaster_free_array -- Frees the array rappresentation of the List
afc_nodemaster_get -- Get the current element
afc_nodemaster_insert -- Inserts a new item in the current list position
afc_nodemaster_is_empty -- Checks for empty list
afc_nodemaster_is_first -- Checks if the current item is actually the first one
afc_nodemaster_is_last -- Checks if the current item is actually the last one
afc_nodemaster_item -- Moves to the desired item
afc_nodemaster_last -- Moves to the last item in list
afc_nodemaster_new -- Initializes a new NodeMaster object.
afc_nodemaster_numerical_pos -- Returns the current ordinal item position
afc_nodemaster_num_items -- Returns the number of items in list
afc_nodemaster_obj -- Gets the current item
afc_nodemaster_pop -- Pops an item from the stack
afc_nodemaster_prev -- Moves to the previous item in list
afc_nodemaster_push -- Pushes an item on the stack
afc_nodemaster_sort -- Sorts the item in the NodeMaster
afc_nodemaster_succ -- Moves to the next item in list
15. ReadArgs
afc_readargs_clear -- Frees all unused memory
afc_readargs_delete -- Dispose a ReadArgs class.
afc_readargs_get_by_name -- Returns a parsed named field
afc_readargs_get_by_pos -- Returns a parsed field
afc_readargs_new -- Initializes a new ReadArgs object.
afc_readargs_parse -- Parses a string with the given template
16. RegExp
afc_regexp_clear -- Clears all stored data
afc_regexp_delete -- Disposes a valid regexp instance.
afc_regexp_get_pos -- Returns the offsets of the string matching the RE
afc_regexp_get_sub_string -- 
afc_regexp_match -- Matches the str with the current Regular Expression
afc_regexp_new -- Initializes a new afc_regexp instance.
afc_regexp_replace -- Replaces a string using RE patterns
afc_regexp_set_buffer -- Sets buffer for replace operations
afc_regexp_set_expression -- Compiles the Regular Expression for the matches
afc_regexp_set_storage_size -- Sets the maximum amount of results for match
17. StringNode
afc_stringnode_add -- Adds a new string in the StringNode list
afc_stringnode_addr -- Returns a pointer to the List managed by StringNode
afc_stringnode_change -- Changes the string of a node in the list
afc_stringnode_clear -- Deletes all the strings in the StringNode
afc_stringnode_clear_stack -- Clears the stack of pushed string
afc_stringnode_clone -- Clones a StringNode creating a new one
afc_stringnode_del -- Deletes the current string from the list
afc_stringnode_delete -- Disposes an existing StringNode
afc_stringnode_first -- Returns the first item in the StringNode's list
afc_stringnode_get -- Returns a pointer to the current list Node.
afc_stringnode_insert -- Inserts a string in the current list position
afc_stringnode_is_empty -- Checks if the StringNode's list is empty
afc_stringnode_item -- Returns the desired item in the StringNode's list
afc_stringnode_last -- Returns the last item in the StringNode's list
afc_stringnode_new -- Initializes a new StringNode object.
afc_stringnode_numerical_pos -- Returns the ordinal position of the current string in the list
afc_stringnode_num_items -- Returns the number of strings in the list
afc_stringnode_obj -- Returns the current string in the StringNode's list
afc_stringnode_pop -- Returns the last item pushed on the stack
afc_stringnode_prev -- Returns the previous item in the StringNode's list
afc_stringnode_push -- Pushes the current list position on the stack
afc_stringnode_search -- Searches the list for the specified string
afc_stringnode_sort -- Sorts the strings in the list
afc_stringnode_split -- Splits a string
afc_stringnode_succ -- Returns the next item in the StringNode's list
List of Examples
15-1. ReadArgs Example-1: template
15-2. ReadArgs Example-2: template
15-3. ReadArgs Example-2: user input